Gettin’ Ready!

March 27th, 2011

Getting ready for the upcoming trade show I’m taking part in! Kind of exciting, not only will I be there with Stampin’ Up!, but I’ll be there with our Mini Donut business, AND with my mom with Melt With Soy! It’s going to be a jam packed day! Hopefully walk away with some contacts!

Anyways, my husband helped me with this project tonight! I’ve actually put together some packages in which people can put this little guy’s together themselves! I haven’t decided on pricing, but if anyone is interested, please message me! I’ll be coming up with something very soon! =D The final product of these cute little guy’s will make them into little boxes that you can put a treat or something into! I’ll be excited to showcase them at the trade show! (Or before hand if anyone is interested!)

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